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Pleased to meet you; I'm Melissa Goldstein. I write about design, fashion, arts and culture, and all things lifestyle, through the lens of the compelling people at the heart of it all. This includes an artist whose chosen medium is insects, a celebrity's before-I-die marriage pact, and a pair of designers who translate moonscapes into coffee tables, for the likes of T Magazine, WSJ Europe, British GQ, Intelligent Life, SPIN and Lonny Magazine. I have worked internationally, holding the post of Editor for London-based, LVMH site Nowness, before returning to my native Los Angeles, where I'm now based, and helping to launch shelter site Domaine Home. Currently, I am Senior Contributing Editor for California glossy C Magazine. I have a weakness for obscure magazines, fancy general stores, blood orange margaritas—more tart than sweet—and em-dashes, obviously. I go to bed excited for coffee the next morning. Do you have a story I'd be perfect for? Or a joke you want to tell me? Would love to hear from you. Contact me here